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                                           2023-2024 Scholarship
The Suffield Cooperative Preschool Scholarship provides funding for two students (one per age group) based on financial need. This scholarship covers full annual tuition for one 3 year old (2 day) program and one 4 year old (3 day) program. Applicants may request the application be translated into a language of their choosing.
Eligibility Criteri
● Applicant must provide evidence that the total income of all parents/guardians who share custody of the child is at or below $40,000.
           ○ A copy of Page 1 of your 2022 Federal Income Tax form (or one copy for each parent if filing separately) must be provided to verify this income figure.
         ○ If this income is not reflective of your current financial situation, a second priority of income verification can be submitted (examples: copies of prior month’s unemployment benefits, Family Investment Program (FIP) Notice of Decision benefit, and/or most recent month’s paystubs).
● Applicants must submit a letter to the Board describing the impact this scholarship will have on their family. The letter may be submitted in any language and will be translated for the Board members, if needed. If your family’s financial situation is not accurately described by documentation submitted, please include an explanation in the l
● Applicants must reside in Suffield, CT. Proof of residency must be included with application:

          ○ Any of the following documents are acceptable: copy of current driver’s license, copy of a utility bill (gas/electric/internet/phone), copy of a tax bill.
● Child must be at least 3 years and no older than 4 years by December 31, 2023. Applications for children turning 5 years between September - December, 2023 will be considered.
● Scholarships are awarded for one school year. Previous scholarship recipients are eligible to reapply, but are not guaranteed to be selected again.
● Complete applications are due no later than May 1, 202
3 (includes scholarship form, letter of impact to the board, registration forms, and $50 registration fee).

Scholarship recipients will remain anonymous to the general membership of the
preschool. All information on the application and in the impact letter will be held in strict confidence by the Board and Scholarship Committee.  

All applicants must pay a $50 registration fee and submit all required registration documentation along with their scholarship application. If an applicant does not receive a scholarship, and therefore withdraws their registration, the $50 fee will be refunded in full. If a scholarship recipient is selected to receive a scholarship, the $50 fee becomes non-refundable.

Award recipients will be notified no later than July 14, 2023. All scholarship awards are subject to funding availability and budget approval. Suffield Cooperative Preschool does not discriminate against any applicant because of race, color, creed, sex, sexual orientation, disability, national origin, ancestry, military status, or religion.

Recipient Obligations:
● Scholarship recipients are required to pay a one-time $50 registration fee to commit to the program for the year.
● Scholarship recipients are required to adhere to all the same expectations as all Co-Op members as described in the Handbook and documentation sent to families. Families are expected to pay any applicable fines for non-participation in mandatory events (e.g., clean-up night, fundraising, late pick-up…etc.) based on school policies and procedures.
● Scholarship recipients are expected to attend school, as scheduled per the school calendar, for the duration of the school year.
● Scholarship recipients are responsible for bringing their own snack comprised of at least two food groups and water (e.g., fruit and grain), with an ice pack, to preschool each day of attendance. The Board reserves the right to revoke the scholarship for failing to fulfill recipient obligations outlined above. In the event the scholarship is revoked:

           ○ the recipient’s family will not be expected to repay tuition costs for school days that have already passed.
○ at the Board’s discretion, the student may continue to attend the SCP if the family pays the tuition for the remainder of the school year (payment schedule to be determined with the Treasurer).
               ○ If the family fails to pay tuition after the scholarship has been revoked, or if the Board decides the family may no longer participate in the Co-Op, the student may no longer attend the preschool.


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