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Please email or call to schedule a tour of our school!

What is a cooperative preschool? Why choose a cooperative preschool?
A cooperative preschool is a preschool that is run by parents. The cooperative nature of the Suffield Coop Preschool is one thing that makes our preschool so special! Our preschool is run by a board of parents, and parents are strongly encouraged to get involved in the school.
  • Parents can serve as parent helpers on a monthly basis.
  • Parents are encouraged to share any special skills/talents they have with the preschool class.
  • All parents also serve on a committee to help with events, fundraising, etc.
If you want your whole family to be involved in a larger community in Suffield, the Suffield Coop Preschool community is a great place to do that!
Where exactly is the Suffield Coop Preschool? What do the classrooms look like?
We are located within the First Congregational Church of Suffield at 81 High Street. If you go in the main entrance to the church and take your first right, you will find our "wing" of the church. Our classrooms (as well as many areas of the church) were renovated over the past two years so we will be returning to a beautiful new space next year!
Our space consists of two large classrooms, a bathroom, and a hallway. All students use both classrooms throughout the school day.
First classroom where students start in the morning, have morning meeting, play, and do activities.
Second classroom where students play, do activities and art, and have snack/lunch.
We also use the fellowship hall on the lower level of the church for big events (such as the Holiday party, Thanksgiving Feast, and Graduation) and for gross motor activities. We frequently go outside for walks and play.
Fellowship hall of the church set up for the Thanksgiving Feast. 
Who are the teachers? What are they like?
Emily Boone is our director/teacher and Ashley Bolduc is our head teacher.  Todd Turton and Jaime Abbiatti are our teachers. They are all amazing!
How many days a week do children go to preschool? What are the hours?
Currently our younger students can choose a 2-day program (Tuesday/Thursday) or a 3-day program (Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday). Our older students can choose a 3-day program (Monday/Wednesday/Friday) or a 5-day program. The core school day runs from 8:45am-12pm. Lunch bunch is available for the older students which runs from 12pm-1:00pm. There is no before care or after care. Many students attend day care in the area and are picked up by their day care providers.
How much does it cost?
Cost ranges from $2244 to $6458 depending on the program you choose. Detailed information is available on the registration forms.
Why choose us for preschool?
  • We offer a play-based curriculum. This means students are learning social, emotional, and academic skills through active play. Learning through play is developmentally appropriate and is so important for children at this age!
  • Our teachers are nurturing, experienced, and dedicated to the students and the cooperative preschool vision. 
  • We are the only preschool in Suffield that is just a preschool (not also a daycare or a larger school). This means preschool students are our only focus!
  • Being a cooperative preschool, there is a strong parent involvement component.
More Questions? 
Please contact us with more questions or to set up a phone call to discuss any questions or concerns you might have.
Ready to Register?
Click the link below to be taken to our registration page! Registrations and registration fees are being accepted via email or mail. Register now to secure your spot! 
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